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How do I consign my items?

Make sure to give us a call before you stop by to ensure that we are in the building and are able to accommodate your items, especially in the case of larger items. Due to incredible demand for our consignment services, we will fit your items in as soon as we are able to. This may result in a 1-2 month wait. (Please note: You must provide us with information from your legal ID in order to process consigned items.) Your items will be sold in our next available Online Auction on on the sales floor.

Do you pick up items to be consigned?

Definitely! We offer pick up in all areas and the cost is dependent on the location, size and amount of items. We recommend giving as a call and Amanda will be happy to attend as early as possible in your liquidation process. It is best to have a visit before all items are packed as during packing many items of value are often discarded during packing due to lack of knowledge. You do not need to be sure of what is going to auction and what isn't at that time, you can change your mind on any time at anytime during the liquidation process. At the end a no-obligation quote will be provided to you to aid in decision making and to start the liquidation process with Oley's Auctions if that is what you choose. 

Whether items are picked up by Oley's or you drop them off yourself, all items arriving at the auction house are written on a consignment contract and both the consignor and the auction house retain a copy of the document.

What happens if my items don't sell?

If your items cannot be sold we will contact you to determine your wishes for these items.

What if I want to get a certain amount for my consigned items?

Oley's Auctions allows our consignors to place Reserved Bids on valuable items. Their items will not be sold below this price without the consignors prior approval. 

Please note that while we encourage, welcome and appreciate consigned items, Oley's Staff does reserve the right to refuse items as a means of ensuring quality, and based on what we know to sell and not sell.

The easiest way to determine if we will accept an item is to think about whether the item (or lot of small items) would sell for more than $10.00, if the answer is no, we will likely not accept it and would be better off to be donated.

Items currently not accepted:


-used toilets

-everyday clothing

-helmets over 5 years old

- pianos/organs

You are always welcomed to call to ask our opinion on your items.

As per our insurance provider and legalities, we are not permitted to accept live animals, taxidermy or chemicals.

We thank you for your understanding & your patronage.

- Oley's Staff

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